With 2 feature parks, Ramlegh
Springs enjoys 1.2 hectares of
formal parkland space. 



Ramlegh Park

Ramlegh Park, the first of our two feature parks, has the symmetry and beautiful formality of a grand English garden. 

A central avenue of trees will provide a magical entryway into a world of play, with plans for the children’s playground to include wooden balance bars, a spiral maze leading to a majestic central oak tree and other child-friendly elements designed to feed young imaginations and encourage role playing.

Here parents can keep an eye on their young children whilst they relax and unwind under the shade of an impressive arbour structure; whilst older kids are free to enjoy the open lawn areas for a game of kick to kick.

Macdonald Family Park

A testament to the owners of Ramlegh Springs, New MacDonald’s Farm Park is our larger park and adjoins the Proposed Ramlegh Springs Town Centre. This park will feature a playground inspired by “New MacDonald’s Farm”, a series of books written by the MacDonald family who wrote these whilst raising their family; later popularised in a children’s television program broadcast on Channel 9 and Disney.

So you can expect to see the New MacDonalds Farm characters in the form of Farmer Mac and his wife Milly and all the six farm animals being Shirley the Sheep, Percy the Pig, Henry the Horse, Daisy the Cow, Dash the Duck and Charlotte the Hen as they enjoy there their wonderful parkland home.